Motivasi Indonesia Dalam Menerapkan Model Kebijakan Blue Economy Masa Pemerintahan Joko Widodo

Faisyal Rani, Wulandari Cahyasari


AbstractThis research explains aboutmotivation of Indonesia to implement blueeconomy models, especially the implementation of the blue economy modelsin Indonesia fisheries industry. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)is a forum of economic cooperation countries of Asia Pacifik which aims toimprove the welfare and economic growth has a vision of marine and fisherieswhich competitive and sustainable for community welfare. To realize thevision of marine and fisheries development implemented by blue economymodels. Based on the results of the research showed that the function ofAPEC seen its role to facilitate the economic growth of member countrieswith the agreement achievement the blue economy of commitment to formpartnerships more integrated, sustained, inclusive and mutually beneficial.In addition, Indonesia has the potential of fishery commodities, Indonesiautilize the opportunity to contribute significantly in the implementationstage of blue economy models in sector of the fisheries industry.

Keywords: Blue Economy, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC),Sustainable Development, Fisheries Industry.

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