Kepentingan Arab Saudi Menekan Syria Melalui Politik Luar Negerinya Terkait Krisis Syria

Fadhly Ikhsan, Idjang Tjarsono


AbstractThis research is intended to analyze the Saudi Arabia foreign policy towardSyria Crisis. Syria Crisis has begun in March 2011,when some student hadwritten anti-governent slogan on the School’s wall. Syrian Police arrestedtand tortured them as punishment to the Student, this action cause Syriapeople movement to protest the government regime and ask for freedom anddemocratic transformation. In this case, Syria government tried to handledemonstration with the military action. This conflict increases faster andbecomes armed conflict between opposition and Syria government.This situationgives critical situation like security an economic instability in Syriaand have impact to middleeast.In regional scale Saudi Arabia becomesmost vocal actor its critcize Syria and takes an option and foreign policyto counter Syiria action (anti-Syria) for pursue its interest in Syria. SaudiArabia does massive foreign policy to press Syria when the crisis like propaganda,diplomatic action, support the opposition, and support militaryintervention to Syira is to pursue the ideologi,security, and economy intersestin Syria. Arab Saudi ideologi interest is supporting Sunni and againstSyiah, security interest is making an end of Syria-Iran coalition which hasbecame main threat and obstacle for Saudi dominance,economic interest isbuilding pipeline, trade and transportation access.

Keywords: Syria Crisis, Saudi Arabia, Syria Regime, Foreign Policy, Interest.

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