Upaya Maskapai Garuda Indonesia Bergabung Dengan Aliansi Global Sky Team Dalam Pemasaran Brand

Deo Rizky Sebayang, Ahmad Jamaan


AbstractThis research purpose is to explains about the efforts of Garuda Indonesiaairlines to join the global airline alliance SkyTeam in brand marketing. Itobserve the effort attempted by Garuda Indonesia airlines to join the globalairline alliance SkyTeam to strengthen the reputation of Garuda Indonesiaas a world class airlines. It is a qualitative method by exerting the paradigmfrom service liberal and full service concept from Garuda Indonesiaenterprise. the theory applied in this research are Contingency theory byTannenbaum and Schmidt. This study focused on strategy used by GarudaIndonesia to join the global airline alliance SkyTeam in brand marketingby examining the economic side, which is the modernization of air transportmodels. The search for the revitalization unit to reach 154 units in2015 to compete with other companies. With the new units, the increase inpassengers will increase as well not only domestic but also international.It also ensures a more comfortable and provide cost than before. GarudaIndonesia’s program named Quantum Leap, covering the aspects of safety,systems, facilities and human resources also made an effort to join the globalairline alliance SkyTeam. Introducing the program of Garuda IndonesiaExperience has a purpose to distinguish the full service carrier of GarudaIndonesia with others. By giving cultural perception of Indonesia for domesticand international, introducing the culture itself to the tourist whocome to indonesia and also having good facilities in every unit, it will bereinforce the brand of enterprise.

Key Word: efforts, garuda Indonesia, global airline alliance, sky team.

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