Motivasi Indonesia Meratifikasi Perjanjian Asap Lintas

Rahmi Deslianti Afni, Afrizal '


AbstractThis study aims to explain the motivation of Indonesia to ratified the ASEANAgreement on Transboandary Haze Pollution in 2014 AATHP was formedin 2002, which was signed by ASEAN countries and prevailed in 2003,which was initially ratified by six ASEAN countries, and up in 2010 hasbeen ratified by nine countries. Indonesia is the last country to ratified thistreaty in 2014, eventhough Indonesia is a country with the most frequentforest fires, and it happened almost every year.Forest fires in Indonesia hascaused in air pollution that is not only detrimental to Indonesia, but alsocaused a pollution in other countries, especially in it self ASEAN regionsuch as Malaisya and Singapore. The results of this study is, Indonesiaratified due AATHP in 2014 due to the Internal and external factors ofIndonesia, which is one of the main purpose to be achieved after ratifyingAATHP is Indonesia wants to take an important role in the policy makingof the problems that occur on forest fires in Indonesia and also one of theinternal factors which Indonesia ratified the problems of forest fires that cannot be resolved until today.

Keyword: AATHP, ASEAN, Forest Fires, Haze Pollution, Ratification,Agreement Cooperation.

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