Dukungan Arab Saudi Terhadap Rezim Pemerintahan

Febrian Andri, Pazli '


This research analyzes the reasons of Saudi Arabia gave support to theregime of Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa in 2011-2014. Saudi Arabia provideseconomic assistance through the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), jointsecurity forces in Peninsula Shield Force, denounced the involvementof other countries in the internal affairs of Bahrain and to support theimplementation of the national dialogue and independent fact-finding bodyas a solution to solving problems political crisis in Bahrain. This researchapplying qualitative methods and library research. The author used securitytheory by Barry Buzan with the level of the nation-state analysis withrealish prespective. The sources of this research are from of books, journals,publications, articles, news and internet. Saudi Arabia support regimeHamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa cause Bahrain’s conflict poses a threat to thesecurity of ideology and Saudi Arabia’s security. Based on the hypothesis:the interests of Saudi Arabia to suppress the threat of Shia ideology andmaintain the existence of the Sunni’s government in Bahrain, there wasincreas of dominance of the Shia through bahrain political crisis, andthreatened of the regime of Sunni bahrain which is an importantly regionof Saudi Arabia in the bay. including threats of security from a potentialincreas of the conflict in Bahrain with the influence and the threat of Iran inBahrain, the security against the assets of diplomatic and trade lines as wellas the security of citizens of Saudi Arabia in Bahrain.

Keywords: Conflict Bahrain, Support, Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, IdeologicalThreats, Security

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